Monday, January 24, 2022

All About Cookie Bars
About US

Welcome to Cookie Bars, although you will find delicious cookies here. You will also find many other incredibly delicious goodies that will have you coming back for more and more.

Our ethos is sustainability, so all of our packaging is fully recyclable and in many cases compostable to. We are a firm believer in doing our bit and if we can help provide a way for our packaging to be re-used. Meaning our packing boxes, packing peanuts, food seal bags, and even our stickers. We know there won’t be many companies out there that are that committed to sustainability.

Oh, we don’t stop there. We are also aiming to be 100% green when it comes to our energy usage. So, using renewable gas and electricity. Another huge box ticked for us!

What Makes us Tick?

Well, we just have an insatiable passion for all things baking. Whether it be baking our tried and tested recipes or sampling new ones, that’s what happens here in the Webber household. Using only the best ingredients, we have spent weeks sourcing British ingredients. To give you the very best goodie boxes on the web (we think so anyway).

You won’t get these in your supermarket bakery that use the cheapest ingredients to give you the cheapest product.

We just hope that we can give you some enjoyment in eating our goodies as we do creating, developing, and baking them.